How Does Google Algorithms Affect Rankings?

What is Google SEO? SEO is the method of optimizing the web and content of any website which makes it easy to rank high and index easily. It increases the visibility of your site/blog using special algorithms. It also works according to the previous search query entered by the visitor and thus finds relevant material for the page.

The Google Panda Update heralded the arrival of new algorithms for Google search results. This meant that every website had to compete with other with similar offerings in terms of page content, keywords, links etc. New ranking methods included the quality score formula which considered link popularity, internal linking and the total number of incoming links from a website. Thus, for better rankings it may be necessary to break Google’s monopolies on any particular area of SEO. Here are some steps that you may escape Google’s clutches.

A new algorithm introduced by Google which has not been received well by most SEO experts is called the “spider” function. Google spiders all websites and crawls the text, HTML coding, images and external links for finding new links. This new algorithm may escape your notice but there is no need to panic. This function does not affect rankings at Google because many websites use this method. The main source of threat here is a link building service that may escape Google’s notice, hence, creating artificial rise in rankings. Avoid all such services which may create Google rabbit holes.

Another thing that you can do to escape Google’s clutches is to check for the latest algorithms and news at Internet news sites which publish updates regularly. Google released two new algorithms, one for page ranking and the other for voice search. Page ranking algorithm introduced a new ranking format based on the links received from external websites. Voice search algorithm changed the way Google ranks websites based on voice data. For this reason you should check out Internet news for the latest news on Google SEO techniques.

It is possible that Google’s new feature may regain your attention. It is called “Google Instant” and it is Google’s way to provide instantaneous results. According to experts, this new feature can make it difficult for webmasters to escape Google’s clutches as web pages are ranked according to their relevance to keywords used by Google. The result is that the new sites may get top heavy rankings with low page rank and no traffic.

This algorithm update is Google’s way to provide better search results for user queries. Google has recently announced that they are going to make significant changes to their ranking system and they are going to make some major algorithm changes. Experts believe that Google is working on getting more natural search traffic rather than relying on paid advertising. It may regain your attention again if you know how Google works and get high rankings for relevant keywords. You should be very careful about landing pages after the Google SEO Expert Guide because they might just be full of rubbish. But if you use good practices, there is still a slim chance that you will lose your ranking.

The above reasons imply that it is unlikely that Google will remove ranking badges for white hat practices. However, it is important to understand that Google has always been keen on showing search results that are as unbiased as possible. The introduction of Google Instant makes it easier for webmasters to stay relevant in Google’s eyes. In a future, it is not impossible for Google to introduce a feature that shows search results that are based on an individual site-friendly approach. So you should stay on top of things.

There is no guarantee that you will stay relevant under the new Google algorithms but you have at least gained a bit of confidence by avoiding bad practices like over-optimization. You can rely on getting good quality backlinks from good quality sites. You can also do some thing about your site’s rank in Google itself. It may seem like a lot of work but given time and effort, you can surely achieve good rankings and even make it into the first page of Google search results. With luck, these backlinks will help you regain your lost rankings.

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