Tips on Analyzing Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an online web service by Google that enables webmasters to monitor various online indexing status of their sites and maximize online visibility for their respective keywords. By monitoring the various online activities of the webmaster, such as the number of visitors to the site, the time they spend on the site, the pages they view and other relevant information about them, webmasters can quickly see which keywords and key phrases are most used to access their site. This capability gives webmasters a major advantage over their competition when it comes to marketing through online search engines such as Google. Webmasters can also make use of the Google Search Marketing Tool for additional keyword research.

Google has made its crawlers and spider programs more intelligent. They can now decide what websites should rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) based on different factors such as the number of unique visits and impressions, page views and other such activities. A new feature called the Google Analytics Content Network will soon be introduced to give more insights into the behavior of visitors to websites. By monitoring the behavior of visitors and the amount of time they spend on a particular site, webmasters can gain important insights into the marketing strategies they should employ to drive more visitors to their sites.

Google Analytics provides the users with real-time insights into the visitor behavior, such as the type of visitors, keywords they used to arrive at the site, their location and the pages they viewed. The Google Search Console makes it easy to retrieve these data using the Google Analytics URL Builder. You can analyze all these information using the advanced search components available on the core web vitals platform. You can get detailed information about the following items:

Clicks and impressions – Google Analytics provides a clear overview of how many clicks and impressions each individual page received. The top page of the search results page and the domain property is the first page that will appear. The following pages are ranked based on their position in the search results. The first impression is of course the most important one and the one that will attract visitors. Analyzing these click-through data can be helpful for several reasons:

Analyzing the impressions and clicks associated with each individual link on the web is necessary for assessing your SEO strategy. First, you can easily understand which anchor text you should use in order to improve your search results rankings. Secondly, you can understand which of your anchor texts attracted more clicks or impressions than the rest. In order to analyze these data more deeply, you can use the Google Search Console.

New pages – If you have implemented some innovative web strategy, then there might be some pages that appear in the search results after a while. If you are unable to monitor the internal links on these new pages, you would make sense to use the Google Search Console to analyze them. The New Page Analysis report displays the number of times that an individual link on a new page was clicked. It also shows the number of times that the anchor text used for linking to the new page was typed. The Google Search Console would suggest you some appropriate strategies to optimize your website for increased web traffic.

Individual links – If you have many pages that are performing below the average ranking position, then you would know that some of your anchor texts might not be as effective as you thought. The Google Search Console will help you analyze the effectiveness of your anchor texts. By default, all the new links on a new page inherit the PR of that page’s parents. If you want to analyze these performance values, then the Google Search Console can help you do that.

Information on each individual page – If you have an individual webpage that is performing below the desired results level, then the Google Search Console will show you the Page Analysis report. The Page Analysis reports reveal the index coverage, the absolute number of times that a page is downloaded, the time spent by other users on that page and the total time spent on that page. The index coverage and total time spent values provide you with the information that you need in order to analyze your website’s performance. The Google Search Console allows you to analyze your own pages and see the problem areas. When you identify the problems with your website, you can then find a way to improve it.

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