December 2nd is my last day at eBC/Small Business BC. I have accepted a position with Graphically Speaking. It’s a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to all the challenges ahead. I would like to thank all the staff at Small Business BC, especially Rod Young, Amy Elgie, and Candice Macalino. I would like to thank all my eBC clients who I have helped over the past three years, and especially Huey Tollett who taught me what bravery and strength really mean. Huey started as my client and I’m proud to say became my friend. I’d like to thank Christina Baumgartner for her patience and positive attitude. I’d also like to thank Chet Woodside, to whom I entrust eBC, and Nathan Waters, to whom I profoundly hope gets a fair deal. Finally, I would like to thank Jennifer Reid, who brought me into eBC. She has taught me a lot about people, especially how to think win-win.

I leave eBC better then how I found it, and isn’t that the way to go?

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